From advertising, to email, to analytics, Google offers an array of products to help businesses work smarter online.

With certified Adwords strategists in house, we can help you navigate Google’s products and make the most of your pay per click campaigns.Modern Media is also Google Analytics certified, so we can help translate your website data into actionable, strategic growth.


Google is the second largest company in the world. Not bad considering the company didn't exist before 1998.

Why Modern Media?

Track Record:

Our depth of experience working with Google platforms has allowed us to deliver results for clients across a variety of industries

  • Discover Saint John (tourism)
  • Royale (consumer packaged goods)
  • Atrium Home (furniture retail)
  • Needs Convenience (retail)
  • Jewelpop (fashion accessories)

Cross Platform Experience:

Taking an integrated approach often helps improve digital marketing success, which is why Modern Media offers a multi-channel approach

  • Google Adwords Certified
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Google Analytics Certified

End-to-End Service:

We know that digital marketing success is improved by taking a systematic approach from strategy through execution and measurement

  • Strategic Campaign Planning
  • Conversion Goal Setting
  • Campaign Design
  • Campaign Activation / Monitoring
  • Integrated Measurement 

“Adwords and Analytics have become so powerful that their complexity of features can be daunting for most clients. Working with a certified consultant lets you focus on your job while still getting the benefits of these powerful marketing tools.”

– Mitchell Hunter, Senior Manager Digital Strategy, Modern Media

Keyword Campaigns

Target customers on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices in your desired geographic markets based on the keywords they search for on Google.

Display Campaigns

Reach customers as they browse the web on desktop, tablet and mobile devices with display ads based on relevant targeting information such as age and gender demographics, interests, affinity audiences, and in market segments.

Re-marketing Campaigns

Re-target customers who have visited your website as they browse the web on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Measurement Strategy and Conversion Tracking

Understand which campaigns or online tactics are driving conversion indicators on your website.

Analytics Reporting and Insights

Get custom reports and analysis detailing the website and campaign performance metrics most important to your business.

Analytics Training

Receive in-person training for Google Analytics.

Email Hosting

Transfer your companies email addresses to the Gmail platform and maintain your company URL (ie: